DESCRIPTION: Hand your deck of cards to a spectator, and ask him to exam and shuffle it.
It’s a standard deck, all the cards are different. The cards are face down in your hands. Ribbon spread the cards and ask a spectator to touch any card – really, ANY card.
At this point, no one can know the identity of the card as the deck has been shuffled and the cards are all still face down. Close your eyes or turn your head so that you’ll see NOTHING!
Show your spectator the card he just touched and replace it in the deck in its original place, changing nothing, manipulating nothing. The deck is immediately placed in the center of the table. Point out that in such conditions, it would seem totally impossible that you could discover the chosen card. Concentrate for a few seconds before writing the name of the card on a piece of paper. As you turn over the paper, invite the spectator to name the card that he had simply touched. It’s impossible, but you have divined the correct card!

How is this possible with a freely-chosen card from an ordinary deck shuffled by a spectator? You’ve seen NOTHING, yet you were able to name the chosen card!
Those are questions no one will be able to answer!

JUNKIE THOUGHTS: Mickael Chatelain has a knack for creating complex and magical gimmicked cards. Often his gimmicks create some sort of visual magic. But that’s not the case with Vision. This is indeed a gimmicked card but this one is designed to be used surreptitiously in the deck. If performed correctly, the spectator will never know you’re using a gimmick.

Vision is similar to other items that you’re probably familiar with. However, Mickael is the first that I know of to take this classic gimmick and build it into a playing card making it hidden in plain site. This changes the use of this classic gimmick, but still works. As explained above, you are able to discern the value of a selected card or find a named card in the deck without looking at the faces. The effect is such that the spectators may think you’re using a marked deck so be prepared to prove otherwise as that’s not the method.

Vision comes with a gimmick and downloadable instructions. Be sure to specify Blue or Red back when ordering. And its only available in Bicycle. The gimmick itself is beautifully made. Typical of Mr. Chatelain. The instructional video is fairly quick but provided all the instruction necessary for the two routines. Of the two, the first is my preference, but to each their own.

One thing I must mention is the somewhat false statement in the description above. The description states that you see nothing. This is not entirely true. The entire method of the effect is you seeing a card. However this is done under very fair circumstances and if done properly, the spectator will never see you get your peek. The method is likely nothing they would ever suspect.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Vision is a decent trick. Not earth-shattering and honestly not my cup of tea. However, the gimmick is wonderful and could potentially be used for other things, particularly gambling routines and demo’s. If you’re a fan of Mr. Chatelain’s work you will no doubt be interested. If the above routines sound like something you’d like to play with and the gimmick sounds intriguing, give Vision a try.


Vision by Mickael Chatelain, $24.95 – Available from your favorite magic dealer. Dealers contact Murphy’s Magic,