INTRO: Here at Magic Junkies, we’re not all piss, vinegar and attitude. We have a soft side too. We love magic and we know it has the power to change lives. This was published by a friend and worth a read. It wouldn’t surprise me if other people out there have a similar story…

It was august 11th three days before my birthday. When you’re a kid you dream of playing with your friends and doing big adventures with your family. That didn’t happen with me. I jumped from foster home to foster home. I had seen and done things that no child should have done when there that young. When other kids were dreaming of going camping with their dad and fishing. I was dreaming of being loved by another human. Going into details of my past are too painfull but I can share how magic would change my life forever.

Lets back track nine years before. My family was disfunctional from the get go. Make a long story short, mom left when I was two and my dad and I lived out of cheap motels and suit cases till I was nine. DON”T get me wrong I’m not looking for sympathy this story has a happy moment.

When I was nine I left out on my own. The world was huge and all I knew was that anything was better than this. Now my dad was not a bad man he just had a string of bad luck. Which I thought I inherited. My faith in people had waivered and my social skills were out, I lived out on the street for a while. I was hungry so I stole food, lived out of abandon vehicles. I did whatever it took to surive.I was eventually picked up by the authorities. This parts a blur because the most I could remember was that they found me behind some bushes near a bank somewhere in California. I remember being in a police station and sensing things were not going well.

It was at this time I started the foster home jumping it was only twice but enough for me to notice. The famillies were wounderful and some of the most generous people I knew, I secretly longed to stay with them and was building hope to be with the last foster familly I had. Things then changed. I was sat down in the familly room and was told they wouldn’t be fostering anymore children. My hopes soared just to be crushed again. Thinking I would be come part of there familly is far from what happened. I was the last to go.

It was a time when I had lost all hope. When the world went dark and silent. I was being adopted and let go of the family I was hoping to love and keep me as thier own.

Who were these people that were taking me and keeping me forever? Why did I have to leave the familly that was supposed to love me? So many questions like these ran through my head and all seemed to be getting worse. I had to let go!

It was three day’s before my birthday when I was adopted. The familly I was given to was and still is one of the kindest people I know. I gained a mom and dad and a brother. Talk about being scared!

When I met them I was still gun shy and didn’t talk much. I was nervouse and very bitter. I felt forced into this life and like I was going to be there just for there amusement. Then one day something amazing happened.
It was my birthday. There were no gifts wrapped and no cake just the woman to whom I now reffer to as mom, sitting at the table waiting for me.

She asked me to come sit down across from her, I thought I had done something wrong and was ready to run! As I sat down, I could remember hearing my dads voice yelling at me and the foster home saying they couldn’t keep me and just as I was about to make a mad dash for it something unexpected happened.

This woman without a word pulled out from under her chair a reddish orange box wrapped in plastic. On the front of the cover it said ” 101 Easy to Master Magic Trick’s” and she gently pushed it towards me. I was confused at first and a little scepticle. I had only seen magic on TV and that was it. Secretly I always wanted to learn and see if I could make myself disapear. This was different, it was like she read my mind it was like she was looking at me in a way a real mother would with a new born.

She said to me very calmly ” I know this is all new to you, as it is with us.” her smile glowed and something just at that moment felt right ” I want you to have this as not a gift but as a way to get to know us.” she stared at me as if this I was something special. ” In this box your imagination can take you anywhere, If you get scared and nervouse or just want to be alone this box will help you” I kept a real keen eye on her, trying to figure her out. She told me everything would be ok and that she wanted to get to know me.

My mom was from france and grew up in boarding schools, so she could kinda relate on some level. She told me that for us to get to know each other she wanted me to learn the tricks in the box and then show it to her.
I was eager to learn and more importantly what I didn’t realize at the time was she was re-introducing me to the world and bringing me home.

I practiced for weeks on end to perfect what we call “The Color Changing Stick”. I ran downstairs and was ready to show her. Her eyes lit up and her face was still glowing with joy. I showed it to her as best I could for being an 11 year old.

When it was all said and done, my mom said “that was amazing and now can I show you how I would do it?” to my surprise my mother was a magician in her own right, not only did she teach and encourage me to do magic but most of all she taught me to love again.

I’ll never forget that day she handed me that box and I’ll never forget how her magic saved my life.