DESCRIPTION: If you have ever wanted to perform a ‘coin in which hand’ type of effect, Gerti Reborn is for you. You have two coins; you ask a spectator to sign one of the coins. You invite the spectator to place one coin in your hand and to place the other coin in one of their own hands. Without looking, not only are you able to reveal which of you has the signed coin, with the updated Gerti Reborn you are now able to tell the spectator which coin they have, as well as in which hand they hold the coin.

JUNKIE THOUGHTS: The Which Hand type of effect has been rather popular with magicians and mentalists for a few years now. I’ve never been particularly enamored with it as its a 50/50 chance; and believe me, spectators know that. However, recent versions of it both electronic and not, have extended the routine into multiple phases and made “Which Hand” a fun and interesting routine rather than just a one-off guessing game. I’ve played with numerous versions over the years. Gaffed and ungaffed. Electronic and… no electronic. I’ve become a fan of the plot, particularly when there’s multiple phases and a payoff.

Gerti Reborn is a re-release of a previous effect from Romanos called The Silver Swindle produced with Dave Forrest and Vanishing Inc. (Oddly, Silver Swindle is never mentioned). Gerti Reborn utilizes the same gimmick as Silver Swindle, but as I don’t have latter, I cannot compare the two. Since its not mentioned really covered on the video, I suspect this release includes the original routines from The Silver Swindle, but I cannot be sure.

The gimmick is very clever and totally natural. In my case its a standard US Quarter. The gimmick is also available in Euro and UK 10p. There are four versions of the routine performed and explained, each being a variation on the other. The main difference between Gerti and other Which Hand effects is the fact that two coins are being utilized. This changes the effect slightly and allows you to perform other variations. A couple of the variations were presented in a way that made no sense to me. However, with a slight change in presentation, this can be corrected. Just put a bit of thought into the effect and your presentation and you’ll be fine. My favorite routine was a prediction effect performed toward the end. This was very good and I can see this playing extremely well. In addition, something to consider: combining Gerti with an electronic version or with Mark Elsdon’s excellent Tequila Hustler could take this to a whole other level.

You can of course carry this routine with you anywhere and everywhere you go, however I’d be afraid of spending it or simply losing it. Thankfully, if this happens you could make your own gimmick if you really wanted to.

The instructional video is approximately 45 minutes long and is a password protected streaming video. No download is available. The explanation is very thorough and as mentioned included a few variations. I felt the video was a bit slow, but maybe that’s me. Overall, the effect is easy to do and could be done within minutes of watching the explanation.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Gerti Reborn is a nice version of the classic Which Hand plot that allows a bit more exploration. It can be done impromptu at a moments notice. The routine(s) are easy to do but will take some practice to get the presentations down. The price is a bit high in my opinion but since there are additional places to go with this, I can overlook it. Gerti is a versatile and easy to do version of Which Hand that I think you’ll enjoy. Recommended.


Gerti Reborn by Romanos, $25.00 – Available from your favorite magic dealer. Dealers contact Murphy’s Magic,