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Kayfabe by Max Maven and Luis De Matos

https://youtu.be/wrQnEVCPJI0   DESCRIPTION: 'Kayfabe' means secret, and the latest DVD album from the Essential Magic Collection contains many. Some of these secrets have been kept by Max Maven for forty years. They are incredibly powerful professional routines...

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Gerti Reborn by Romanos

https://youtu.be/rLaqDn76vwk   DESCRIPTION: If you have ever wanted to perform a 'coin in which hand' type of effect, Gerti Reborn is for you. You have two coins; you ask a spectator to sign one of the coins. You invite the spectator to place one coin in your...

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The Deal Sealer by Cody Fisher

DESCRIPTION: THE DEAL SEALER is Cody Fisher's closely-guarded secret for locking in a great impression and increasing your chances of new bookings. Cody Fisher is finally ready to share with you his encore effect that he uses to solidify his relationship with a...

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Mini-Bud by SansMinds Creative Lab

DESCRIPTION: Mini Bud is a complete system that allows you to shrink or stretch your earphones. Tangled headphones? Now there's a magical way to solve the problem. JUNKIE THOUGHTS: Mini Bud is the latest from Sans Minds Magic and the second effect I've reviewed...

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Move Zero by John Bannon

DESCRIPTION: An incredible 2 hour extravaganza on self-working card magic. John Bannon's Move Zero is undoubtedly the most exciting study of self-working card magic this century. There is not one sleight in any of the eight featured jawdroppingly impossible routines....

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Memento Mori Playing Cards

DESCRIPTION: Memento Mori - "Remember your mortality". Stemming from the medieval Latin theory and practice of reflection on mortality, it has been a ubiquitous part of human culture for centuries. From the philosophical to the artistic, the fascination, fear and...

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Bowled Over by Christopher Talbat

DESCRIPTION: A bowling ball is produced from a gift bag! One of the strongest effects that you can perform for an audience is the production of an impossible object. When that object is a bowling ball, the instant impossibility is recognized immediately by your...

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Eclectica by John Carey

DESCRIPTION: John Carey is back with a brand new collection of powerful and practical card and close up magic. Streamlined in a way he has become respected for, John shares 15 commercial effects on this new DVD. No pipe dreams, just very strong doable effects with...

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Senti-Mentalism by Luca Volpe and Titanus Magic

DESCRIPTION: Mentalism is the last frontier. Such an intimate, engaging and direct experience. Luca's unique style will show you why it is important to move them emotionally. JUNKIE THOUGHTS: Luca Volpe is an accomplished and prolific Mentalist. He has released...

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