DESCRIPTION: THE DEAL SEALER is Cody Fisher’s closely-guarded secret for locking in a great impression and increasing your chances of new bookings. Cody Fisher is finally ready to share with you his encore effect that he uses to solidify his relationship with a potential client or contact. You will learn all of the psychology that will take simple effect and turn it into a mind blowing moment for your new client or contact. This is the effect that they will remember you for… THE DEAL SEALER!

JUNKIE THOUGHTS: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When a pro speaks, I listen. When the pro is someone like Cody Fisher I not only listen I take notes. Cody has a knack for coming up with killer commercial material and tweaking old chestnuts that have been abandoned by performers. Deal Sealer is one of those. I don’t want to say exactly what this is, because I think that will sway purchases. Let me just say, Cody’s psychology alone is worth the price of this item. This is a classic effect given new life with an improved routine and better psychology. Its a trade show classic that has been broken down and rebuilt with the professional performer in mind.

I’ll be honest, when I first opened the package and watched the routine I was a bit disappointed. I really didn’t’ know what to expect as the packaging is purposefully vague. However, as I said before, when Cody talks I listen. If pro like him is telling me to give this old trick a chance, I’m willing to give it a go. After watching the video AND TRYING THE ROUTINE, I have to say, it is everything Cody says it is. Here’s the one thing I will add to Cody’s thoughts: I don’t think this is a standalone piece. In order to get the impact Cody speaks of, I think this should be done to close a set. Or at the very least after you’ve done some great close up card magic.

Cody performs the routine live in front of an audience to great reaction. He then goes into the studio for a very thorough explanation. You do receive a gimmicked card (for both red and blue backed decks) and Cody details some additional work he puts into other cards to facilitate the routine. I don’t think these additions are necessary as a competent card handler could achieve the same results without the additional gaffs. I personally didn’t bother with them and only used the gaff that came with Deal Sealer. To each their own.

Cody’s instructions are always very good and the Magic Estate does a great job with the camerawork, capturing the appropriate close ups etc. The video is provided as a streaming video and not a download (which is a bummer). The explanation runs about 30 minutes and includes all of Cody’s psychology. As mentioned before, this is the real meat of the routine. He has seriously considered every aspect and it worth listening to. At the very least you get insight to how a pro thinks about his magic. “Why” he does what he does.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Deal Sealer is a super strong version of a classic effect. This routine as presented by Cody is in fact very strong and I can see it being used in a variety of situations from strolling work to trade shows. Cody has truly deconstructed the routine and rebuilt it with the attention of a working pro. If you’re looking for a solid worker, check out Deal Sealer. You won’t be disappointed!


The Deal Sealer by Cody Fisher, $24.95 – Available from your favorite magic dealer. Dealers contact Murphy’s Magic,