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Magic Junkies. That’s us. Thanks for stopping by. You’re probably wondering what this is all about. Well let me tell you: Every Day new products are released to the magic community. Some of it good. Some of it… not so good. We know you’re not made of money, so why not spend it on great material. Its our goal to help you make your buying decisions easier. The truth is we LOVE magic. We love everything about it. We live for this amazing art. We know you love magic too, so that’s why we’re here. We help you sort the good from the bad. The mediocre from the spectacular. We provide honest reviews from a worker’s perspective. We’re willing to give everything a fair shake, but if something is bad, we’ll tell it like it is. If its good, we’ll let you know. We may even throw in some ideas, perspective, and references that may guide you to other great products, ideas or routines. Check back often as we will update this site on a regular basis. Plus other fun in store for the future. Happy reading!

iFlight by Bill Perkins

DESCRIPTION: A borrowed ring vanishes then reappears wrapped around every strand of your headphones attached to your phone. A modern take on the classic Ring Flight effect with no mechanical parts. It’s super easy and completely examinable. Works with any phone or ear...

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The Deal Sealer by Cody Fisher

DESCRIPTION: THE DEAL SEALER is Cody Fisher's closely-guarded secret for locking in a great impression and increasing your chances of new bookings. Cody Fisher is finally ready to share with you his encore effect that he uses to solidify his relationship with a...

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